St. Martin Massage

Offering specialized services, St Martin Massage avails excellent body laxative and sensational massage services. Among others include Swedish, male to male, couples, sensual and other tailor made massage services for single ladies and doubles for couples. We additionally offer an excellent package for friends within the same residence at an affordable rate of $70 an hour.

Our services ensure that you grasp every moment bit by bit relieving you of fatigue, pain, body tension or soreness. Our professional services will give you the very best of your day whenever you want a relaxed day for your planning and adventure especially while on your holiday or during your bed rest.


Our well connected network ensures that only the best therapists serve you. We offer the services across the Orient Beach villas, Terres Basse, Cupecoy, Hope Estate, Mount Vernon and Oyster Pond area. This assures you that you can have the service wherever you need it from these regions.

Our working hours are flexible and extent from 8 am to 10pm.

St Martin Massage


Safety Precautions for vehicle Trailers

Many people use vehicle trailers to transport their tools, goods, excess luggage and sports equipment every single day, and this is why has dedicated their services to offering highest quality trailers. Since trailers are a great and safe way of transporting things, many trailer users normally leave them attached to their motor vehicles at all times.

trailer 123 picture

Sadly this can make the trailers a target for robbers, who are either looking to steal the trailer itself or who are looking for what to steal from the trailer. Although many trailers from come with great security features, there are some extra things that one can purchase to ensure that the vehicle trailer is safe and if stolen, he or she will have greater chance of recovering it.

Wheel Locks

Wheel locks can be attached to the wheels of the trailer with the intention of preventing the wheels from turning while the lock is in place. Robbers are not able to tow the trailer away without removing the lock. The locks are very hard to remove if you do not have the right key. Tools and equipment that can break the locks are also very noisy and someone in the neighbourhood is likely to hear a commotion.

Tracking Devices

It is possible to purchase GPS tracking device which you can attach to the vehicle trailers. The device can be fitted somewhere not noticeable on your trailer. If your trailer is missing, you will be able to pinpoint its location using the tracking device.

Dash Cams

Dashboard cameras are also a great way of discovering the identity of thieves, at the same time also helping you in proving to the insurance company that there was crime, and that the trailer was forcefully removed. Though some cameras do not work when the car is not in operation, some cameras will be turned on if there is some movements near the vehicle, and they can record the faces of those people who are involved or even the plate number of the vehicle which the trailer was then hooked up to.

Vehicle trailers, like the ones sold by can be targets for thieves because they are always sought after, so take some extra steps to protect your trailer.


The Edge of Virtual Booking on Top Accommodations

Travel has definitely tapped on the power of the web to gain marked visibility and prominence over a wide market of consumers. Just like any other businesses, travel accommodations are now making use of modern marketing tools to reach more target clientele such as with the integration of social media and having virtual presence thru a website with the use of varied mobile and web platforms.  The traditional route would be to book accommodations by phone or directly at the hotels or offices; but more people are now enjoying the convenience, accessibility, and speed of booking online at top Biloela accommodations.

Biloela Caravan Park


Check out the edge or advantages of virtual booking on several top accommodations online:

  • Accessibility. The great thing about virtual booking on your choice of accommodations is that you can book from home or in any location as long as there is an internet or Wi-Fi connection that can get you hooked up on the main website to make the necessary reservations and arrangements for your stay. You can do this using mobile, laptop, or any computer.
  • Convenience. You just need to make a few clicks and you’re booked. You can pay online using your credit card or any preferred payment processor. Also, you can make additional arrangements, inclusions, or revisions with your accommodation option online without needing to travel which saves you gas or transportation expenses and time.
  • 24/7 Customer and Sales Support. All major travel and accommodation companies online have 24/7 reliable and friendly customer, sales, and after-sales services which provides assistance and information for clients who want them anytime and anywhere.
  • Timely and Relevant. Push notifications sent out to clients via mobile as well as regular posts and press releases via social media and other social networking sites allows dissemination of timely and relevant updates to broad clientele without having to call or go to main office for new specials, discount codes, or any vital information.

The above perks of booking online show how upgrades on modern travel has kept more consumers updated and engaged on recent specials, promos, discounts, events, and other information regarding their favorite Biloela Caravan Park, hotels, and hostels; to name some. This is what makes the whole travel economy robust and viral today and the coming years.