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How to Make a Dropshipping Website With WordPress

Most dropshipping stores are made using the popular ecommerce platform Shopify and the App Oberlo (which helps people easily import their product from AliExpress).

But now, there is an alternative. And that is people can also use the favourite platform, WordPress to easily create a dropshipping website. They can use the popular plugin called Alidropship. This is a plugin which is installed onto the WordPress website. It is a much cheaper alternative then it’s competitors, WooDropship (Which is free for 7 days, then after that charge a monthly on going)

The cost of the AliDropship plugin for WordPress is $89 one time fee with unlimited orders, imports etc. It also allows individual to import the product reviews from AliExpress, which will help merchants alot as it provides social proof.

To use the plugin, you must be using WordPress and also have WooCommerce installed. You will also need to the AliDropship Chrome Extension which is free.

Below is a step by step video on How to Make a Dropshipping Website.

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Information You Need To Know on How To Make an Online Store

“How to make an online store?” With more businesses shifting their focus to digital purchases, it might be time for you to create an online storefront. There’s no reason to worry, however, because the growth of online commerce has also spawned some easy-to-use creation options for you to choose from.

One of the more popular ways for small businesses to build a digital storefront is to turn to an older platform like Etsy or eBay. These sites not only provide businesses with a built-in audience, but they also allow business owners to create a store relatively quickly. Of course, with these benefits comes the drawback of limited customization.

If you’re just starting out, you might not be so concerned with the branding of your store, but a more established business might require a more tailored solution than these sites can provide. Fortunately, there are plenty of newer options that give businesses more control over the appearance of their stores – and you don’t have to be a computer geek to utilize them.

The key is to make the items easy to find for your customers, which you can achieve by grouping your products in ways that make sense. That could mean displaying related components at the bottom of a page on industrial machinery or suggesting a bag that would complement the pair of shoes you’re selling.

With a basic map of the site in hand, you can focus on establishing your store’s brand, both through the visuals of the site and the voice you use to describe your items. To convey your company’s identity to your customers, you need to know who your company is and who your customers are. For example, if you’re building a store featuring fashions for women, you’ll likely use a more playful color scheme and tone of writing, while a store selling industrial machinery might utilize technical drawings and descriptions that focus on specifications.

Also, consider following through with this branding effort in the real world with your product packaging. Although a nondescript box might be the most cost-effective way of packaging your product for shipping, remember that you want to make an impact on your customers in their sole tangible interaction with your business. Consider making your company stand out with unique boxes or by throwing in some free samples with the shipment.

Perhaps more important than the descriptions you provide for your items or the packaging you choose are the photographs that greet site visitors. Depending on what you’re selling, you may even need to include another item so the viewer can use it as a reference for size, whether it’s a quarter placed next to a piece of jewelry or a person standing beside a kayak. Of course, you’ll likely include the specific sizes in the product description, but a photo will convey the size of the item more concretely.

Finally, customers tend to have a few seconds to scan your item, and the first place they will look is the picture. Once your customer decides to buy a product, you’ll need to provide them with a way to pay you such as PayPal and other newer online payment methods.

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5 Benefits of WordPress over other Content Management Systems

Starting a website within an hour is very easy these days. Over 40% of the websites operating today use WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS). Why? Not because it is famous but because it is simply better than others.

Yes, there are other CMS available too and people do use them. But if you are planning to launch your website, you must know the benefits of WordPress before you start, so you don’t have any second thoughts. Beginner or expert, whoever you are, WordPress can be your first choice. Here is why.

5 Benefits of WordPress over other CMSs

1. You don’t have to be a Coder
WordPress has many in-built functions. You don’t have to be a coder to start, run and manage a website. You can easily create new blog posts, pages, upload images and videos without any need of the knowledge of HTML, Java, PHT, CSS or any other programming language. But in case you are using some other CMS like Joomla or Drupal, you must have some knowledge of programming.

2. You don’t have to be a Designer
This is one of the major reasons why people love WordPress. You don’t have to be a web designer and you don’t even need one. WordPress has the largest collection, than any other CMS, of ready to install themes and plugins (most of them free) that make your website come to life within mintues. Not only this, WordPress has many in-built features like adding recent posts, archives, setting up menus, header and footer and many others. Your website’s design is easily customizable. You can make changes anytime you want.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very easy
It is very easy to rank your website in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The codes that are used to make WordPress are very clean and simple without any unnecessary complexity. This makes it easy for search engines to read and index your website. Also you can easily optimize specific images, posts and pages using targeted keywords. SEO process is not so simple if you are using other CMSs.

4. It is free and easy to use and install
Adding to your delight, this wonderful CMS is free. You can install it within minutes. Though automatic installation is available, manual installation is also relatively easy than other CMSs. In addition the technical knowledge required to operate a WordPress website is least. That is why it is the most recommended for beginners. There are built in features to start a blog. The user experience is far better than other CMSs. There are simple and clear functions to start and operate your website.

5. Quick Support
As the majority of people use WordPress, their community is very active and the largest among other CMSs. There are many support forums, articles, blogs, videos and tutorials readily available on the web. Whatever problem you might face is most probably already faced by someone else. So the solutions are quickly available.

Other CMSs are also there and people use them because of the different features they provide. But mainly those are required for highly advanced, technical and complex websites like online stores, social networking sites, data organization sites etc. But the benefits of WordPress reveal that for most websites it is simply the best choice.


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How to Make a Website Work for You

Before you build your eCommerce website there are many things that one should learn on how to Make an eCommerce Website which will be mentioned in this article throughout.

Of many factors on how to make an eCommerce Website, the first and foremost thing would be to build a site with professionalism. For a regular informational site, you can learn from mistakes and work accordingly till it reaches a good level. But that’s not the case with an e-commerce website. It demands inputs from an experienced website design company because they will have real experiences from the past to execute your website with ease. Even if it is costly to engage a professional website designer, you will not regret as you will get most of the benefits compared to a self-designed substandard website.

Navigation in the site to find a product should be easy. The visitor should be able to take what he wants from the website without much difficulty. Products of a similar category should be organized into sections and subsections. The moment from clicking the buy button on the site till he receives the confirmation page to ensure transaction completion should be as short as possible. Check if all the links on the site are working and if there is any possibility of errors or bugs to be rectified before launching the website officially.

Also, there should be an emergency plan in case for sudden heavy traffic. The plan should be discussed with the website company. As with many website companies that block traffic if there is an excess usage of bandwidth. If such is the case you are going to lose some worthy customer who has a real intention of buying a product. Instead, you can opt for a website company that even if charges extra allows excess traffic after a certain threshold limit. Never show the Back button to the customers due to some technical issues on how to make an eCommerce Website. Make the customers intact with the website as much as possible.

If the customer wishes to pay for purchasing a product, he should not leave the page with empty hands because of very fewer payment options. Just widen the opportunities in your site by making the maximum payment choices available. When you open as many doors as possible by incorporating many possibilities, you will have better prospects.

When considering on how to make an eCommerce website, security of the website is one of the key concerns which every customer has in mind before logging into any site. As the customers are about to give the banking or other personal details, they will not get an intention to purchase if they feel the site be devoid of security. You can search for any security providers through a lazy search even.You should be in a position to answer the customer’s questions through any medium. Mention your details like your email address or contact number on the website so that the customer queries can be answered, no matter how or where it comes from. Also, don’t forget to mention the objectives, policies and other management related stuff on your website.Keep in mind about the shipping of product after the customer has placed an order and have a keen eye on the stock availability.