Add magic around the table for your guests

Are you wondering how to add entertainment at your wedding reception? You might also want something that keeps kids engaged and sitting in one place during your son’s birthday party. For all such requirements, it would be best to select a Cardiff close up table magician for your event. Such an entertainer will keep your guests seated at their tables, intrigued with his tricks and magic, and happily engaged as his magic session progresses.

If you are unsure about how close up table magic works, it is a magic that is performed in intimate settings. Here, the magician will sit no more than ten feet away from the audience and perform tricks for the ones sitting across him or her at the table.

If you employ a Cardiff close up table magician for your event, he or she will ensure that your guests are entertained. Unlike the magic shows that are performed on stages miles away from the audience, for the close up table tricks the magician will need to come close to the audience. Thus, people sitting as audience participate in the tricks and the fun is more real than seeing magic happen on stage.

You can choose from a number of reliable names in micro magic who have made a name for themselves in the profession in and around Cardiff. With ears of experience in making things disappear and then magically make them reappear, such magicians have pleasant personalities that keep the guests smiling and keep them intrigued as the tricks happen around different tables.

To have a different kind of entertainment at your party that is fun and participative at the same time, get in touch with a Cardiff close up table magician today. Book such an entertainer for your special event and make the evening memorable for your guests.


Electrifying UK Green Day Tribute Band

Green haze is one of the amazing and entertaining UK bands. Established in May 2012 and based in Cardiff, in Wales, the UK green day tribute band has rocked the world with some of the best electric punk rock and roll songs. This spectacular Green day tribute band creatively performs a wide array of classical hits and sensational songs.


Some of the Green day tribute band songs that will leave you loving and craving for more of green haze performance includes Holiday, St. Jimmy, Basket Case, Good riddance, Longview and the thrilling American idiot. Also, the exceptionally play old genre punk such as Going to Pasalaqua, 2,000 light years away The punk rockers always capture their fans mood with high octave, artistic and epitomize presentations. This can be confirmed by the high turnout of revellers whenever the band is in town either in the UK or across the globe. Additionally, the band albums have majorly featured in the UK and global music and entertainment chart scene over time.

greenhaze2 Whenever you are out seeking for stimulating gigs, then the band of choice is the green day tribute band. From the exciting lead artists in the band Kibb, S.P in bass and Zackk the lead guitar you will have an awesome time when the old time punk plays along with the new genre rock and roll punk. As the holiday season sets in, it is time to join the rest of fun loving revellers and party with this amazing South Wales based entertaining troupe. You will find your soul captivated with the wonderful Green Day’s albums that ranges from 1,309 Smoothed out slappy hours through to the current and electrifying UNO, DOS and TRE albums.

For more amazing information about Green haze or the green day tribute band, exact venues and fees for the next or upcoming performance log into http://green-haze.com


Dot to Dots For Kids!

Just about everyone has completed a connect the dots when they were children, or even adults. This is where there is a series of dots numbered, you connect them to form a picture. It’s great fun for children, and it’s very cost-effective. Using dot to dots for kids is a great place with almost any template that you can think of for your children, or you.


Dot to dots is a great way to teach your child some fundamental writing control. These are best completed in pencil if your child is young, so if they make a mistake they can erase, and fix it. It will help your child learn the basics of drawing, and how to form a character or picture. Dot to dots has almost every imaginable template for your child to work with. They even have the popular characters like Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, Ben 10, Barbie, and much more.

They have a wide range of templates, from simple with just a few dots to connect to make the picture, to pretty complex where a fairly large amount of dots have to connect to form the picture. They have their pictures listed in several different orders. You can choose from A-Z, weekly favourites, monthly favourites, or all time favourites. You also can type in whatever you would like to dot to dot, in the search engine and get a result that way. The best part is that it is free for you to print out the template that you want, and there is no limit.


Dot to Dots for kids is a great website that is free to use, and download from. Use and function of the site is fast, smooth and easy. They have a huge selection of connect the dot characters, bugs, animals, reptiles, and even holidays. A-Z, print out your dot to dots today, free!


Binge Watching with Netflix Canada: How to Pick a Good Show

Having a TV show marathon with Netflix Canada can be pretty easy if you know what you are looking for. The only problem is how can you tell apart which ones are good and which ones are otherwise? Fortunately, good TV shows possess several qualifications that make them such.

A Well Paced Narrative

Good TV shows should be properly paced in such a way that you’d be left wanting for more once an episode ends. It does not matter if an episode ends in a good note, a bad one or even a cliffhanger (something that is common in modern day shows), every episode of that TV show should be make you curious as to what will happen to every character in each episode.


Compelling Characters

You know a TV show is good when it makes every character, even antagonists, relatable. Shows in American Netflix like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones do this well in such a way you can empathize with characters no matter which side of the story they belong to. That gut wrenching sensation you feel whenever the character is written off (i.e. killed) is a testament to how well they were written and portrayed.

An End

You know that your Netflix Movie Marathon was a good one if the end gives a sense of completion. Sadly, this was quite a rarity in recent years when good shows were prematurely cancelled and still-running shows keep on going that they become unappealing. A good TV shows when it’s time to wrap up every character arc and give a satisfying end to each viewer.

No loose ends, no plot holes, and no unanswered questions; just a good end where everybody gets what they deserved. That way, you can fondly remember the series as one who keeps you on guessing as to what will happen next and keep you interested until the very end.

netflix usa in canada

Picking the right shows for your Netflix Marathon can be easy if you know how. To be able to use American Netflix in Canada, head to this link immediately.