K1 Motors Offering The Best Smash Repairs Service

Are you looking for an excellent car repair service at a cheap price? Is your quest after an excellent motor repair service that delivers with care? Will you like to experience the touch of a quality car repair service that glow with pride? If all these questions are lingering on your mind, you have to a safe place. K1 Motors is the place to visit. Customers are sure to experience the quality touch of smash repairs and mechanicanical operations. We have all it takes to offer top-notch solution with respect to mechanical work or the regular service. Are you willing to restore your vehicle to pre accident condition? We have trained staff who are willing to display their expertise toward your immediate need. In fact, we are sure to handle your auto repair issues in an ephemeral of time and with quality standard. To gain total peace of mind, K1 Motors often offer a lifetime guarantee on the service rendered to clients.

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Nevertheless, clients are also sure to get quality mechanical work apart from our regular smash repairs operation. You are sure to have your car handled with proper care while remaining with us. On this note, you can cast all your trust and confidence on our auto repairs service, time and again. With our service, you can save time, effort and extra money . Using our car repair service will always help clients to get a smoother drive on any trip. K1 Motors run a 24/7 customer support service that is willing and ready to handle all your urgent need. All you have to do is give us a call. You will be happy at the quality response that our humble staff will give. Our service is the cheapest that you can ever find in the industry. Give us a try now and discover our quality service. You will be happy, over and over again.


SM Inc NBR Floats

SM Inc is a company that produces and distributes high quality NBR float items. Since its formation in the year 2006, the company has supplied a high variety of floats to global clients and received different certifications as well as recognition for its high quality products.

Characteristics of the NBR float products

SM Inc floats have independent and closed cells that do not allow liquid to penetrate thereby allowing buoyancy to be achieved efficiently. The floats are attractive for use in mechanical physics because they have high thermal and electrical insulation properties. Further, the rubber floats are chemical resistant and compatible with many liquids including diesel, gasoline, alcohol, and other fuels. Depending on the customers’ needs, the floats can be customized for use at different temperature and pressure conditions. The NBR floats can also be molded to different shapes or sizes and still retain their high quality performance.

History of SM Inc Company

With a paid-in initial capital of US $50,000 at the time of its formation, SM Inc achieved a production volume of 6,000,000 floats per year in the same year. The company has since received quality approvals from India, Turkey, Italy, Taiwan, USA, Japan, Thailand, and other global markets. The most recent quality approval is from CRANE Group of Barksdale, Germany. Among the global manufacturers that have contracted SM Inc include; Honda Motors, Nissan, Renault, Volkswagen, Lovato, and Veeder USA.


The SM Inc company is overlooked by a CEO, who is the sole manager at the 1st level of management. At the second level of management and administration are the director and the company auditor. The third management level consists of key departments like; production, business administration, quality assurance, and the research and development team. The fourth and last level in the organization structure consists of manufacturing, inspection and packaging teams.

Quality assurance 

SM Inc engineers have put professional measures to ensure that manufactured NBR float items are free from any defects whatsoever. The company runs a “Reject and Return” guarantee program which allows customers to accept only products that meet their quality expectations. SM Inc laboratory is also well equipped with equipment to run reliability tests on all NBR floats before they are released to the customers. The quality management systems of the company have received ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949 certifications.

Research and development

The company’s research and development team has introduced new innovations in the manufacturing processes to ensure that SM Inc NBR floats are of superior quality. The most recent patent acquisition is a low sulfur formulation technology which ensures that the H2S gas produced at the manufacturing plant is at its minimum. High production of sulfur gas causes corrosion of machine parts like contact springs. Such corrosion always cause unnecessary malfunctions that could eventually compromise the quality of final products. The company has also acquired a Korean pin molding technology which assists in precise metal cutting and eliminates mal-centering of holes or additional machining conducted after production. Further, the production facility is equipped with Jumbo automated machines like mold presses that lower production costs and makes NBR float products very affordable.


4 tips when buying wheel covers in the market

Buying the best wheel covers in the market can sometimes be very expensive especially if you do not have the right tips. If you are thinking about making the best purchase, then the following are some of the 5 tips when buying the best wheel covers in the market;

1. The type of design available in the market

You have to know the types of designs that are available in the market if you want to make an informed choice. This will enable you make the best choice depending on the type of your vehicle, taste and preference. This will definitely help you make an informed choice whenever you are buying from the market.

2. The cost charged

You have no reason to pay more whenever you are making your purchase if there are other cheaper options available in the market. This will definitely help you save money you could have spent when buying from the market.

3. The reputation of the manufactures

The reputation of the manufacturers is also very important whenever you are buying from the market. This will always help you make an informed choice whenever you are buying from the market. How do you assess the reputation of the manufacturers? Through the reviews of the customers, you will be in a position to gauge those that have the reputation in the market. This should assist you when making your decision.

4. Seek professional advice

For those people who might be having problems making the best choice should always seek help from the experts in the market. They will always give the best tips to help you make an informed choice. Alternatively, you can do your research in the internet on the best tips to use when buying.

In conclusion, the above tips will help you buy the best wheel covers available in the market.

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Midwest Diesel Trucks: What you need to know before Buying

Midwest Diesel trucks are the best type of vehicles to own if the kind of work you do involves moving heavy loads and driving through rough parts of Midwest Terrain. They are built to churn out more power efficiently and pocket friendlier costs as compared to their petrol engine counterparts. They are also more durable thanks to their heavy-duty construction.


When you set out to buy a diesel truck, you need to make sure it is suited for your transport needs. To ensure this, Some of the factors you need to consider include;

Engine Capacity

Although Midwest Diesel Trucks offer better fuel economy than petrol engines, you need to carefully select the engine capacity; engine capacity determines the amount of horsepower it produces. The truck you buy should provide enough horsepower to meet your specific needs. An engine that produces too much power than you need wastes fuel, while a small engine might breakdown due to overworking.

Passenger Capacity

Every Manufacturer builds trucks with different passenger capacities. You can find Midwest Diesel trucks that have excellent passenger capacity and interior space. If you intend to use the truck solely for transporting goods, you can go for one with a small cabin and has enough space for the driver and two other passengers. You can also find diesel trucks with bigger cabins capable of carrying more than three passengers.


Safety should always be put first, these days, personal cars come packed with a number of safety features to minimize injury in the unfortunate event of an that it is involved in an accident. Diesel trucks are not an exception; you can find trucks that pack a number of safety features such as Anti lock brakes, front and side airbags (including curtain airbags), stability control, packing sensors and all kind of high tech electronic equipment to help avert crisis and provide the need protection to its occupants. These may come at added costs.

Once you identify the Midwest Diesel Truck that best meets your needs, you can further decide whether to buy a new or used truck in order to find one that is within your budget.