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A Comprehensive Overview on How to Train a Chihuahua

There is more to having a pet other than just providing it with food and shelter. You also need to know how to train it. This is easier to say than to do depending on the pet that you are training. One of the most challenging pets to train is the Chihuahua. This pet is cute, cuddly and very friendly but it is also stubborn and therefore, a bit difficult to train. This is why you should exercise as much patience as you can whenever you train it. Here are more things that you can learn about how to train a Chihuahua.


To begin with, you need to understand that Chihuahuas are very delicate. This is why you should never use choke collars while you train them. This kind of collars will only hurt them unnecessarily. Instead, you should think about using a flat buckle collar. Alternatively, you can decide to use a harness. Both of them are less likely to injure the delicate neck and trachea of your Chihuahua than choke collars are.

how to potty train a chihuahua

You can teach Chihuahuas many commands such as high five, rolling over, giving paw in addition to more common commands such as stay, down, sit and stand through a positive reward system. Bear in mind that Chihuahuas respond negatively to punishments during training. Therefore, it is important for you to use treats to reward their good behaviour. Chihuahuas are intelligent and highly motivated so this kind of reward system will go a long way in ensuring that the training kicks off and ends without much effort in-between. You can also use praise terms such as “good dog’ to reinforce good behaviour.

training a chihuahua

Always remember that a Chihuahua is a very active pet. It easily gets bored. Therefore, you should keep it as active as possible by taking it on walks among other energetic activities that you can get it to do. Finally, try to be as persistent with your Chihuahua as possible. This will ensure that your Chihuahua is able to know the right thing to do whenever you give it a command.


Now you know how to train a Chihuahua. Use this knowledge to keep your Chihuahua in check. It will make your Chihuahua training easy, effective and fun.