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Are you in need of services of a fencing company?
Well, look no further look no further, we are here for you; Better Decks & Fences is your number one Winder Fence Company. We confidently take pride in declaring our high level of customer satisfaction by use of materials of the highest quality, unique craftsmanship and attending to our clients’ deepest desires by customizing our services to suit their unique preferences. With 19 years of experience, we have truly earned a reputation creating our own niche in the Greater Atlanta Area fencing industry; offering top solutions for Buford, Georgia. We are truly the one stop solution to all your fencing problems.


Services offered

?Privacy Fences. You may want a fence that offers you privacy, act as a wind breaker for those with sensitive gardens, clearly set out your property boundary and act as a form of outside noise preventative; well, we do have a solution to that. We do offer privacy fences installation services.

?Ornamental Fences. We also do offer ornamental fence installation; these are decorative form of fencing that still serve their utility purposes e.g. outlining boundary, trespassing and theft deterrent. They are also versatile, rust resistant, recyclable and do fit in a wide variety of landscape and architecture designs.

?Chain Link Fences. We have also specialized in chain link fences installation. These are Low Cost and maintenance easy to install fences that stand out strongly in adverse weather and have a long useful life.

?Picket Fences. In need of a low cost type of fencing that will lighten up your garden and increase the kerb appeal level of your home? Well, we do offer picket fence installation that serves this purpose. Picket fences do also act as a form of restriction for pets etc.

?Gates. We also do offer gate installation to compliment the fencing.

?Customized Solutions. As earlier stated, one of our key priorities is having our clients’ deepest desires fulfilled. Thus we do also offer customized services to suit each of our individual client’s specifications and wants.

Why choose us

•5 year warranty guaranteed for all installation issues.
•We are a reputable fencing company thus you are assured of your investment being in good hands.
•Great after services.
•Guaranteed of full satisfaction.
•Convenient pricing.
•Generally award winning services.


Wait no further when in need of fence installation or other fence related services; just contact us and watch us come do the job for you. You are our employers and achieving your deepest desires is our biggest priority and we have a team of client friendly, competent, experienced and qualified staff to help ensure that. We might be a Winder Fence Company but we our services are offer across other various big cities and their surroundings.
Contact us and watch all your fencing problems go away! I believe we will have all your issues solved as well as your needs. Feel free to reach us on the below information. Trust us to serve you in a professional way and your feedback about our services will be highly appreciated.

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You can download the former APP for N2 and register it in your device. You must have Android 4.1.2 or higher to run the apk. It works smoothly and causes no trouble or crashes to your smartphones. You can turn the smart pen on and off whenever you want. It will save up to one thousand pages of your off-line work, so it is not necessary that you carry a laptop or Android with you all the time. Of course, it will show you when it is running low on battery. It is easy to charge and actually does not consume too much energy, so that it is a wise long investment in terms of saving money.

In order to work properly, you must use a special type of page that is actually based on Ncode technology, which allows your smart pen to read what you are writing in real time. It is fantastic when you see your handwriting in your Android or iOS immediately, even the pressure of your writing is recorded by this wonderful tool. If you go onto another page, the app will automatically save your work and create a new blank screen for you to write.

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