The Benefits Of Color Lenses

color lenses 1Introduction

For the past few years, the number of people seeking color lenses has significantly risen. Although the cost of colored contact lenses is much higher than that of regular contacts, the benefits that people associate with colored contacts much outweigh the cost of these lenses.


Colored contacts are either prescription or Plano. Prescription contacts are used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or to change eye color. Plano contacts on the other hand have no lens power for correcting vision impairment and are meant for cosmetic purposes only.

There are various types of color lenses but the common element in all of them is that they mimic the natural look of the iris and that the part covering the pupil is clear to enable visibility. Some of the benefits of colored contacts are listed below.color lenses 27

  1. Colored contacts correct visual impairments. Prescription colored contacts are used to treat or correct short and long-sightedness thus assisting the patient to live a comfortable life.
  2. Colored contacts enable a person to change their eye color from time to time. Colored contacts come either in the form of a visibility tint, enhancement tint, and an opaque tint. Depending on a person’s eye color and their special need they have, a person can choose either of these tints.
  3. Custom-made tints are also available that allow a person to camouflage congenital eye defects or injuries. This can be used for a period of time in case of an injury or permanent in case of eye defects.


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