How To Buy The Circle Lens

circle lens 28 Circle lens are cosmetic contact lenses for beauty purposes and sometimes referred to as big eye circle contacts. These lenses are designed to enlarge the eye iris for good appearances. Celebrities and some public figures use these lenses to make their eyes sparkle and enhance their looks. People with small eyes from most parts of Asia; prefer these lenses and the famous Lady Gaga wore them in one of her music videos. These lenses do not alter the wearer’s vision and can be worn with other prescribed glasses.

Before buying circle lenses, there are some things to consider:

  1. Seek a specialist’s advice when purchasing prescribed lenses because the magnifying power can permanently damage the eye.
  2. Confirm that the lenses have the FDA mark approved by Korea because this is where they are manufactured.
  3. The wearer should not feel a huge difference because they are supposed to fit like normal eye contacts. If you feel a big difference, it’s probably a fake.
  4. Don’t sleep with the contacts lens 17

Each lens has different effects, so it’s important to first know the effects you want to achieve before purchasing. Some lenses have enlargement effects while others give comfort. There are many choices ranging from pop out looks to color vibrancy effects and those with blending effects and natural appearances.

The diameter of the lens and the limbal ring determines how large the eye iris will appear. The lens can survive up to a year if taken care well and can last up to 8 hours in a day. These lenses have low water content compared to the traditional contact lenses. The coloring effects differentiate one lens from another but most of these lenses show their vibrancy in bright light. It’s advisable to buy lenses that match with the color of your eye iris for best results. Ask the experts to recommend the best circle lens that matches with your eyes and the shape of the face.


Finding a Flower Shop in Calgary for Your Big Event

The flowers are an essential part of making any wedding day beautiful. Brides are willing to spend hours trying to find the perfect florist and consequently the perfect floral arrangements. Not only do the flowers add a little color to your decor, but it is symbolic of happiness, life and growth, all good indicators for newlyweds. Finding a flower shop in Calgary will be a breeze if you plan on having your wedding in the area. Your florist should be able to work with you to get all the plans in place as you wish for them to be, instead of making your wedding planning experience a complete nightmare. Here are some tips that will make choosing your florist a lot easier.

Flowers in Calgary

What to look for?

Since the chances are that you would not have had any need to find a flower shop for a wedding before, the initial thought of choosing can be quite overwhelming. The right florist should be able to make you feel right at ease and not at all overcome the moment you step foot in their flower shop. Experience should begin to exude from the florist as a conversation ensues. This is a good indication of the level of professionalism that you can expect if you decide to go forward. You should be able to see photos of recent events to also get an idea of the level of expertise.

What to expect?

After choosing the florist that is ideally suited to your needs, you should expect that this will be your best friend for the months leading up to your wedding. You will have to spend a lot of time talking with this person, so a good rapport will never hurt. You can begin to share your thoughts and ideas, so that you can be able to get exactly what you want. Bringing the fabric of the bridesmaids’ dresses, showing a photo of the dream arrangement, and expressing the kind of containers that you expect to use will minimize the level of error and frustration that will occur in the planning process.

roses in calgary

How much time do you need?

Ideally, 6-8 months should be adequate time to start making arrangements with a florist. This however depends on how much time you actually have to plan the wedding. In the event that you have a much shorter time, this is where getting a truly professional flower shop will come in handy. There are a number of things that will need to be discussed and finalized before the big day. This will include the floral arrangements for the wedding site and the reception site as well as flowers for the wedding party, the center pieces and any other guests who will require flowers like the parents.

Finding a flower shop in Calgary that will meet all your needs is crucial to having all the floral plans for your wedding go over smoothly. If you ask all the right questions and look for all the right signs, you will be able to check  and find a florist’ off your wedding checklist in no time.